Gosh, it’s been a long while since I opened my Med-Surg book and I am back to zero. I totally forgot all seven chapters I read some months ago. Because of the overcast, we stayed home today and I tried to go back to my reading… and I am catching up. I still remember my frequently used drugs, and most topics on my reviewer are pretty familiar. However I think I need some kind of a brain vitamin to boost my memory. Speaking of the “booster” thing, I went to the hospital for my second TB reading and I am negative. I also have pretty good immune system for some of the common illnesses except for HepB. I have a level 3 and the hospital needed a 10, so the HR said they have to schedule me for a booster shot.

Monday is my orientation… I haven’t started yet but I am already missing my daughter. She is my shadow, everywhere I go she’s there. So it will be a big change on Monday. But I know she’s in good hands with Ate Raquel.