It’s our second Sunday at Saint Mary Magdalene Church here in Corona. Saint Anthony’s in Sta Ana Canyon is just way too far away so we decided to look for a closer place of worship. This one is a smaller catholic church so it is community-based. I thought the building was tiny but to my surprise, it can accommodate a big crowd. I like it… I feel at home.

Anyways, yesterday’s sermon was about SAINTS. Fr. Tran said we are all saints since baptism. Saint is defined as a sinner that believes in God. We are still in the process of becoming HOLY SAINTS, those who are canonized and are recognized as belonging to God. It is a simple homily and yet full of thought. One thing that I associate with the sermon is the fact that we are all sinners. I for one acknowledge that I am; that on my imperfection, I am subject to earthly sins. I would never claim to be someone else I am not. Nor think others are lesser of a person. I would not wipe someone else’s dirt before wiping mine. The fact is, I am still myself despite of words that were said to me. It might have changed my views about TRUST, but it would never alter my idea about how BEAUTIFUL THIS LIFE IS.

I want to say I am saint on the process of becoming HOLY. And I say process because I understand how long and how hard it would be to be even close to one. As the priest say, the first step is knowing your RESPONSIBILITY. And mine is to PROTECT my daughter, LOVE my husband, continuously RESPECT my family, BE graceful even in times of distress, LISTEN to those who need my attention, and SHUTTING my mouth IF I don’t have any good to say. I would not BELITTLE people nor would I take away their self-love and self confidence. If I am to fulfill these, then I will be ready to touch others’ lives. Because I ask: Who is capable of doing such without first fixing up his/her own life?

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