Ate My and family came to dinner here in Corona so I helped Ate Racquel (my Father-in-Law’s wife) cooked papaitan and guinataan. Sometimes I really feel bad because I can’t keep up with her. I keep telling my Mom how she is almost like Ate Cita. Always finding stuff to do. And to be honest, I am not used to it. Someone was always there to do things for me… my Mom always cook when I was in the province. When I moved to the city, my Brothers took really good care of me. When I got married, the only thing I know was to cook rice and fry eggs. I was spoiled, you can say that… but I was never a brat. I appreciated everything that was given and done to me…

Right now, I am very thankful for having Ate Racquel. I will truly miss her when it is time to move on. I’ve known her for seven years now, but for months that we’ve been together I have come to know her better than anybody else in the family. I like it that we understand each other on things that are rarely said. We shed tears and we listen to each others fears and frustrations. For a long time since we came back from the Philippines, I found a friend that understands… almost like a sister. Someone to trust.

The dinner was great as usual. Rolly’s family is bigger than mine that sometimes I still get lost in the middle. One thing that I have to work hard on is my PEOPLE personality. I can easily talk in a crowd but I just am not comfortable at all. Growing up in a small family of five, I was used to smaller occasions and get-togethers. I loved it… it was my life in a nutshell.

After today’s dinner and fixing up, Ate Myla started taking pictures. It was funny we had to take ours few times because my big arm was showing! Boy, I gained a lot of weight since I gave birth with Alyssa. Weight that is taking me years to take off! Glad I am tracking down my calories now, or else I will be too huge when we go home for a vacation in the Philippines by next year.

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