I agree, words can be powerful. The way you choose to say them define you. As much as a word makes you, it also breaks you into pieces. There is this known phrase in the Philippines that goes: “You can physically hurt me and when the bruises are gone, I might not remember it. But emotional torture, that I won’t forget.” Something like that… it is always better when you say it with the original language but I hope it is well translated. Basically, what it wants to convey is that the pain that words inflict is almost forever. It is infinite, it never ends. It will never be forgotten and will always be remembered.

Gone are those days that I just sit and cry and keep everything to myself. I take challenges so as long as it is not personal. And I always stand by my idea that IF I have something to say that might be hurtful or insulting in any way, I will try to rephrase it. And I am living with my promises of keeping personal stories that were said to me forever a secret. This is my journal. And as you go through each line, it reflects my own experiences. Nobody else’s. It describes my OWN feelings. Nobody else’s. For IF I am to transcribe everything I heard, I will be breaking the bond with just one entry.

My 360 Project is photo taken by my Dad. I am breaking my rule, copied the photo from my sister-in-law’s website and posted it here because yesterday, I had long conversation with my Mom. The person that is always there on every level of my life. The one who celebrated with me on my little successes. The one who feels more pain and yet remains stronger when I am in my misery. The person who I always run to and she embraces me back with such comforting arms that melt all my worries. She is the most gentle of all Mothers. Never did I say anything nor complained about how she raised us. She turned her back on a fine Australian scholarship to take care of her kids. And years after, she finished up her Doctoral Degree (like my Dad) and still remained humble.

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