I miss HOME. The place where I can stay on my little space and not worry about anything. Where I stay up late watching the stars just wondering about life. Where I snuggle under the warm covers and feel comfortable. Nothing too complicated to think about. Where I can be my own self. Be free. Just be free…

I miss the HOME that cultivated in me Love and Compassion. The home that showed me the real peace I now know I can never find anywhere. Where I don’t have to try hard to be someone else, or even pretend to belong. My friend once say, it does not matter where so as long as your heart is where you are; then it is home. HOME is a sanctuary, it is not just a place to be.

The Holidays are fast approaching and it reminds me of a lot of things. Those ones you have to be thankful for, and those ones that you miss dearly. My family is always in my mind. The people back HOME that never judged HOW MUCH I MAKE but praises how much I worked hard for what I get. The people that continuously listen and understand even when I mumble the words. Those ones who never fail to let me know that MONEY is not what defines a person, but patience does. Family… they are my HOME.

Don’t get me wrong… my Husband is just wonderful as always, so as my Daughter. They are the reasons why I am choosing to stay. They anchor me to the grounds so I don’t float away. They are the logic behind the explanation as to why I am still sane. They are the only people I have and the HOME away from HOME.

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