So Rolly convinced me to watch And I Love You So. A Filipino movie where Sam Milby and Bea Alonso are the main characters. I thought I’m not going to like it, but we ended up watching it twice. Yes, twice in one night. It was one of those great Filipino movies you don’t want to pass. Second to Lea and Aga’s Sana Maulit Muli, a film back in the 90’s. It was funny that Rolly was also crying on the movie. Bea, I just realized is actually a great actress. And Sam Milby is hot! Seriously good looking! Now I know why Toni Gonzaga was going gaga over him (as per my sister-in-law). I don’t even know he can sing… I actually like his voice. He was raspy, but romantically raspy. I can’t even describe it… You just have to watch the movie yourself.

My Project 360 for the day is this nice ordinary white daisy. It’s not one of my best shot, but it is the most recent I have on my stock.

Tomorrow, we are taking Tatay and Ate Raquel to Laguna Niguel to see a relative. I am not sure is Rolly will take the chance to stop by his consulting. I kind of miss the city. Living so far away from Orange County makes me miss the busy life.