The 4 hour trip from Las Vegas to
California is now taking us forever to travel. We left the strip about five in the afternoon, it is already 9 in the evening and we haven’t reached Barstow yet. Californians just decided to leave in the afternoon to beat the traffic thinking people left early for the day. To our dismay, it is the opposite. Gosh, this is the heaviest traffic I’ve ever seen. It is a parking lot… And people are getting desperate because we passed by two accidents already.

Alyssa is getting way too chatty now. Rolly likes it because she helps him stay awake. Even she cracks me up… I can’t believe she is a little girl now, with so many things running on her mind. She’s grown so much and she amazes us with her inquisitive remarks and curious thoughts. Sometimes I ran out of words to tell her and so I would just laugh.

Ok, now we just passed Barstow and Alyssa is now sleeping tight. We are listening to Mandy Moore. I prefer independent music most often however, I find Mandy Moore’s songs very pleasant to hear. Rolly doesn’t mind it too. He listens to everything so it is all good.

The 15 is just so packed… Cars running 20 mph populate this freeway as far as the eye can see. Rear lights that are unending… We are thinking: Is this madness stretching all the way to Corona? It is just horrible! But since I am always indifferent, I actually like it. I’ve always loved being in the road…