After the Mass at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, we took Ortega Highway and headed to Laguna Niguel. Ate Raquel and Tatay wanted to see Auntie Turing before they go home to the Philippines for a 3-week vacation. Auntie Turing is the youngest sister of Tatay, and they are actually neighbors with my Dad in Laoag. I said ARE because my Aunt Nicing still lives next door to them. It is a small world indeed.

We arrived at their gorgeous home in Marina Hills around 1:00. Just in time for lunch. She cooked a lot and even made some bibingka we ended up taking home. They were very warm and hospitable. Do you know the feeling when you enter someone’s home and you actually are comfortable? Where you feel like you are off the aquarium, and you can just swim freely? That was what I felt… Ate Raquel said they were always good people. And I come to agree with her. I think they really are.

While we were there, we watched TFC. I think the program was called Tambayan 101.9. I am not really sure. They promoting this new comedy movie of the Former President Joseph Estrada, Ai-Ai De Las Alas, Sam Milby, Toni Gonzaga and Mommy Dionesia whom they describe as a Freshly Discovered Talent(?). Question mark. Seriously… Money would never be equal to talent. I am sorry to say that. But I guess, good for her. One thing that I would like to comment on was the word that they kept repeating during The Buzz while interviewing Former President Estrada. Boy Abunda and Chris Aquino kept addressing him “PRESIDENT”. What’s up with that? I am not really fond of the Arroyo administration myself but I am not sure why they still call Mr Estrada President. Sign of respect? Probably. Perhaps they are looking forward to something else as I heard he is planning to run for Presidency the next election.

Anyways, today’s 360 is our dear Daughter (again). I am planning on taking her to the park with her new helmet and her “motorcycle” for another photosession. Bear with me as I keep posting week-old photos.
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