It is getting really cold here in California and Rolly has to use his thermal pants when he rides the motorcycle heading to OC. Just another day for him at work doing his usual stuff. He did not get enough sleep last night looking at high availability solutions in case daily tape back up fails. I think that’s one of his projects for this month. On Saturday, he might spend the whole day at the office. I will take Alyssa to the bookstore too to do some reading…

I have my usual cold weather allergies. Again. And my face is so dry like crazy. Even expensive and “clinically tested” moisturizer don’t work for my very dry skin. However, just like anything else it will soon pass. And I am used to it. I mean, I grew up in the coldest part of the Philippines which I still consider to be much like San Francisco here in California (terrain wise). So I will manage, I sure can.

Moving on… I would like to share this Rose leaf with droplets of water taken at our backyard. Just to give you an idea of the changing season. Fall is in but we don’t really experience real autumn here. No drama of falling leaves… I sometimes think we skip forward to winter right away. Then again, you don’t see snow unless you go to the mountains too. But seriously, I want to know how it feels to take a walk at the park in the middle of autumn… when the leaves changed their colors and are slowly falling down as the wind blows. Just like in the movies. That would be awesome.

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