I rarely mention it but I am running a program on my site that tracks down my visitors including their specific IPs and locations. And last night as I was going over my stats, I have seen some familiar locations snooping into my blog. I just want to clarify things… this is a personal blog, more like a diary. The difference? The words I use are subtle and unoffensive. Believe me, I too can be a potty-mouth. However, I always try to maintain a graceful character. I try not to mention names on journals that express dislike – that is something I would never do. But if you think I am writing about you, then you may be right. I may not have the courage to tell people about what I really feel, but I sure do find ways to express my frustrations.

I am not wordy, I say it as I mean it. If you take offense in what you read, please don’t take it seriously. I too am human. Capable of feeling the same emotions as you do. If you say hurtful things to me, berate me, and make me feel lesser of a person; I don’t think twice, I usually turn my back and walk away. I ask: Would you not protect yourself from those who want to take away your self-respect. For when you let others manipulate and engineer you into someone that you don’t want to be, make you think that they are the mold that you have to conform to; might as well take away your individuality and personal identity.

I don’t want to be like anybody else, or walk a path that someone laid out in the open. Nor entertain the thought that they are the embodiment of success and accomplishment. I am my own self, and I will find my way in life. I acknowledge the fact that I am not perfect, and I may write words on this very blog that might disappoint you. But I am standing by my own conviction. That I am entitled to what I feel and no person can take that away from me.