I’ve been taking my Father-In-Law’s wife Racquel to the DMV last week to take her written test. Last Thursday, she finally passed it (after two tries). I was really happy for her. Now, all she needs is practice her behind-the-wheel skills. Good thing she tried driving a stick-shift in the so it should be easier for her to drive an automatic. She doesn’t want to drive my SUV though, she said she can’t see the front and the back. Before my convertible, I was already using the white Explorer so I am used to shifting cars. I think SUVs are way safer than compacts. Specially I have to drive Alyssa around.

Before heading home last Thursday, we passed by Dos Lagos for a little walk. It is always fun to walk around the lake. Here are photos I took of Alyssa and Racquel. Well, mostly Alyssa. I also took some macros but I place them on a separate gallery.

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