We do crazy stuff and travel a lot before Alyssa came… today, we live our lives pretty simple. And based on what transpired from our conversation last night, we jsut do not want to take the risk because of our precious little one.

Rewind. Last Sunday, DJ showed up late for Alyssa’s birthday party because Cristina took him to Sta Barbara for a sky jump. Oh, it was so extreme to watch them on video, jumping off that plane and taking the plunge! We were all screaming and cheering for them! It looked really fun!

As soon as we got everything cleaned up and we settled down, Rolly and I were still talking about that jump and we decided to do it this coming weekend. Rolly signed up on the net and tried to have reservation for Saturday. I think they do 50 jumps a day and for $200/head, the experience I suppose is priceless. But before Rolly entered his card number and finalize the reservation, there was a waiver at the end. It was on bold letters and it said:

There is no perfect weather. No perfect flight. No perfect time.
We do our best to serve satisfaction to our costumers but we are not
held responsible for accidents…

We joked around about it. Of having each others’ insurance up to a million… hahahaha. But at the end of the night, we chickened out. Not because we got scared, if two 20 year-olds can do it, I bet we older people can too… hehe (yeah right!), but between that conversation was the thought of Alyssa and all the what if’s that might happen.

So in my list of To Do’s before I reach 40, I am erasing Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving just for my little girl…