For the long weekend, we headed out to Vegas. We went to see some house at the Henderson area – about 20 minutes away from the strip. I like the ones in Inspirada Hills. I am still trying to convince Rolly it is worth the relocation. We really need to settle down on a place that we like better and deem best for Alyssa. For me, it is an easy choice. If I can move right now, I will. I don’t really like this house we have here in Corona. There – I said it. I love the community but it is not enough to make me stay.

After looking at the houses, we went to the M (iMagination) for a lunch buffet. They really have good food and wines and beers. Of course, I am staying away from beer but I had some sip of their dessert wines. I was tipsy afterwards. Good thing I don’t have to drive. I also took some pictures and here they are:

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