I ran into numerous problems with my website lately. Aside from the downtime that happens almost everyday, I am also being charged way too much for bandwidth. I seriously need a new host for my domains that’s why I am currently looking at websites about website hosting to see what providers are the best out there. WebHostingGeeks.com is the best so far as it gives you the rank and the comparisons of each and every host. I actually realize that the one I am using now is only rank 9 with just three and a half stars. InMotion is the best so far… first in rank, with amazing five stars and 98% host rating. Other providers on the top five are: JustHost, WebHostingPad, FatCow and SuperGreen.

WebHostingGeeks blog also offer great journal archives about helpful things you might want to know from SEO tools, basic SQL and other website stuff. It sure is very helpful to me and to other webdesigners or webmasters out there. I seriously advise upcoming website owners to check this site, or even those ones to already have websites because it can save you money upfront. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with it.