There are still a lot of honest people left on the world nowadays… and I am thankful for that. Why am I saying that? This weekend, we spent both Saturdays and Sundays gallivanting. And when I say gallivanting, I meant to say roaming and traveling. As usual, we went wine tasting at Leonesse. I love the drive… the feeling of getting away from the city. Passing haciendas and really huge custom homes, rolling terrain of vineyards and as Michelle said, the sound of crickets at night!

The wines were really good. And it gives you the buzz without getting you drunk. We then stopped by Pechanga for dinner at the Blazing Noodles, our favorite stop for Asian food. So anyways, this is where my “almost-a-nightmare-thing” happened. I rolled down my window when we entered the garage. It was hot and Rolly turned off the car’s AC already. We unloaded Alyssa’s stroller and bags and we took off. When we came back after three hours (of course, they have to play first at the casino), Michelle was like: “Oh, the window is wide open.” Almost immediately, I opened the trunk of the SUV. I was thinking about lots of things. Two DSLR Cameras. Video. Two laptops. Phone. My bag. Credit cards. But, it was big relief to see them lying there… like they were when we left hours ago.

People could have just ransacked the car when given the chance. If that happened, it will be my worst nightmare. It was almost goodbye… but as I’ve said Thanks God tehre are still some honest people left in the world.