Yup… SLEEP! That’s what I want to do today. Last night, I woke up at two and can’t get any sleep anymore! I think it was because I had a big cup of coffee around 12 midnight. It is one of those things I just cannot say NO to. Plus, we got some Knott’s Berry farm cookies yesterday. They are good with coffee or tea. Speaking of tea, my Mom keeps telling me to opt for tea instead. ‘Tried it. Didn’t work at all! I think she is more worried about me acquiring diabetes specially that it runs in my family. Hopefully Alyssa will be better when it comes to drinking coffee. Right now, she doesn’t really drink soda. Only when she sees either one of us drinking. She loves water and juice… and I am very proud to say, she is not a “chocoholic”. Neither is she fond of candies. In fact she hates sweet stuff. That’s good for those pearly white teeth!