Boy, it was so hot yesterday! I think the temperature went up to 103F. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the last day of the weekend. In the morning before 10, we headed out the door to the other end of the neighborhood towards the freeway. We have a bigger park there and a prettier one too. Probably about 20 minutes walk depending on how fast you are. When we got there, we sat for a little bit… then Alyssa and her Dad went to the swing, to the monkey bar and finally on the slides. She sure was having fun! Only that the sand on her shoes really bothered her that she keeps on coming to where I was sitting.

And the video will be coming shortly. In the afternoon, we went to the Galleria at Tyler. It is hugge mall… like those ones in OC. We went shopping at Macy’s. We got some summer dresses for Alyssa and Rolly also bought some jeans for his motorcycle riding. I was to get me a pair of shoes but I can’t even look at their prices! The cheapest I saw was for a sandal. It was $60! No, thank you. I’d go to Show Pavilion or DSW instead. I will get two pairs for that price. Besides, I am not that desperate.