I was on the phone with Mom last night… she is a little sick because of being exposed to pneumonia without knowing it. I am so upset with Benguet General Hospital. They are negligent and their service is really getting worst! Imagine them not telling my family that my Aunt is being admitted to the hospital because of PNEUMONIA! Seriously, how can you miss that information! Mom even decided for get the private room… even with that, they didn’t even care to sit with them and tell them what’s going on. Where is the quality of the healthcare service here?

I am glad I didn’t have to spend some of my internship on that hospital. It is way too scary and would not recommend it at all! I heard horror stories about them… and patients would often run to Baguio General Hospital even if they live in the Benguet Area. The sad thing is that they have one of the most beautiful hospitals probably in the Philippines because the equipments and the building itself was provided by the Japanese Government. When you go enter the building, it is almost like being on another country. I think that was the reason why they want to privatize it one time… to IMPROVE the quality of service. Right now the Doctors and Nurses and other employees don’t seem to care because they are being paid by the government. But when you go to private hopsitals like Pine’s Doctors Hospital or Saint Louis Hospital, yeah you have to pay more but rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of service.

I am really upset! If it happened here in the US, it will be a big lawsuit!

Anyways, back to me speaking with my Mom last night. Alyssa had a little time with her too. She was so happy to say hello to her… and that she wants her and Chloe to come. She also understands her lola is kind of sick so she said “Take your medicine Lola” in preschool talk. So cute!

By the way, her Dad will try on the bus today so he won’t be home ’til about 5 or 6 in the evening. I am planning to take Alyssa up the hill for a walk this afternoon when it’s not that hot anymore. ‘Will definitely take some new pictures this time for my Daily Photo Blog.