Before anything else, I would like to share this picture of me when I the day I came to see the world. It was on the 911 anniversary of 2006. The hospital stuff were telling my Mom how I am a symbol of rebirth for those who lost their lives during that tragic 911. I was actually one of the three Babies born that same day said my Mom. At my Dad’s work in Costa Mesa, they even gave him a cake that says Congratulations!

My first picture of my Mom was such a treasure! And that first time Daddy carried me, Mom was able to snap a shot too.  On the l
third day before we were supposed to leave the hospital, a lady came to take my picture but I I just can’t open my eyes. Look, she even placed a pink ribbon on my hair… we ended up going home with it.

It was nine long months… I sure am glad to finally be here! Click here to view the whole gallery!