I’ve been waiting for March 25 for so long now! It’s the date that was set for us to go back home to California. I just can’t wait to see Daddy anymore. I am so excited! He said he bought welcome balloons for me. Hmmmm… toys? He promised to take me to Toys R Us the next day because he took a day off. In fact he said he will be driving us to Las Vegas!

I heard Mommy said a lot of times that she misses Vegas. Mom doesn’t gamble. She just love the long drive, the lively city at night and yes, the nice hotel! Dad on the other hand plays cards but only for a short time. Then we go shopping, eating at buffets, watching some shows and just driving around. I wish I can take gramma and grampa with us, but Mom said they will come soon. That will be very exciting!

For sure though, I will see my grand parents, my cousins, Uncle Resti and Auntie Wendy, and Auntie Cita next year. For now, I am way too happy I will go see Daddy and that’s what matters most!!!